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In pursuit of goals defined in partnership with our clients, our approach to wealth management utilizes what we believe to be best practices in investment management, advanced planning, and coordination with our clients’ other expert professional advisors. This wider perspective is bigger than financial products and market returns. It is a process, carefully mapped, monitored and refined. Our firm’s client relationships are a true collaboration built on leadership, openness, care and proactivity. 

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We help you achieve and maintain financial independence and confidence with an investment philosophy that is built on proven principles. 

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We follow a customized yet systematic process to help you achieve overall financial health.  

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Our services combine investment management, professional relationship management, and advanced planning to help you accomplish your short and long-term goals.

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Whatever your goals are, we can help 

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How Are We Going to Pay <br/>for College?

How Are We Going to Pay
for College?

Having a baby is an adventure that involves many significant emotional and financial decisions. Initial concerns range from which diapers to use to which car seat is safest. In the next phase, after seeing the quotes for various daycare, nanny, and preschool providers, many parents quickly begin to wonder, “How are we ever going to pay for college?”

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The Corporate Transparency Act: What You Need to Know

The Corporate Transparency Act: What You Need to Know

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) addresses the disclosure of corporate ownership and the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism and other illicit acts. The CTA was signed into law on January 1, 2021. 

Many of us have received mailings and emails from our estate planning attorneys and CPAs regarding changes and new mandates to the CTA. 

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You Have Been hacked! 12 Things You Need to Do

You Have Been hacked! 12 Things You Need to Do

While you can't eliminate the possibility of being a victim of cybercrime, you can control how you react. If your email, credit card, or identity is compromised, the most important thing is that you act fast to limit the damages.

Here are twelve steps you should follow to regain control of your online security after you have been hacked.



Meet Our Team

Glenn Ullmann

Glenn Ullmann, CDFA®, CAP®

Founding Partner, Wealth Advisor

Brian James

Brian James, CPWA®

Managing Partner, Director of Investments, Wealth Advisor

Carrie King

Carrie King, IACCP®

Partner, Chief Compliance Officer, Director of Trading, Wealth Advisor

Patrick Kilbane

Patrick Kilbane, J.D., CDFA®

Partner, Director of the Divorce Advisory Group, General Counsel, Wealth Advisor

Caitlin Frederick

Caitlin Frederick, CFA, CFP®

Partner, Director of Financial Planning, Wealth Advisor

Jack Gunn

Jack Gunn, CFP®

Director, Wealth Advisor

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