C Suite Executive 

Client Objective:

A C-suite executive and her spouse requested we review her complex compensation package. She was concerned that her portfolio was overly weighted towards her company’s stock and wanted to diversify their wealth. She also wanted to integrate her company executive compensation benefits with the rest of her wealth management plan.

Our Advice:

Overview of Compensation Package

Our client's executive compensation package included a base salary, short-term cash incentives, long term equity awards, deferred compensation, stock options, and restricted stock. We reviewed and summarized her holdings, creating transparency for her and her spouse.  


Investment Management

We built and recommended a diversified portfolio which incorporated her company stock positions. We planned and implemented a specific plan around her stock options and restricted stock units.


Wealth Enhancement

We integrated her total executive compensation plan into her overall wealth management plan, taking taxes and cash flow needs into consideration.

Wealth Transfer

The couple wanted their hard-earned wealth to pass to future generations, leaving the financial legacy that they envisioned. Working in tandem with their other trusted advisers, we confirmed all accounts were titled correctly and reflected the appropriate beneficiaries. We also set up a schedule for gifting to their kids and grandkids during their lifetime and facilitated family discussions to establish family values around future charitable giving.  


Due to the clients’ level of wealth, it was of primary importance to check with  their insurance provider that proper insurance was in place. We reviewed all aspects of their insurance coverage, from disability to liability policies. We also checked that assets were available so that long term care expenses would be covered.


Charitable Giving

We reviewed their philanthropic goals and focused on tax-efficient charitable giving through a Donor Advised Fund. We also set up Qualified Charitable Distributions once they reach 70 1/2 years of age.

Client profiles are hypothetical and presented for illustrative purposes only. Ullmann Wealth Partners does not know whether its clients approve or disapprove of its services.

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