Retiring Couple

Client Objective:

This couple, both in their mid-sixties, came to us as they were approaching retirement and wanted to make sure they were positioned to meet their goals. The couple both had pensions and would receive social security but wanted a second set of eyes to see if their assets would allow them to live the life they wanted to live in retirement. This included international travel for a month each year, spending time on their boat, and planning for a potential move to a long-term care facility when the time came.

Our Advice:

Financial Planning

We worked with the couple to establish an annual amount that they needed to fund the lifestyle they envisioned, primarily funded by pension and social security accounts. Funding for their anticipated travel would come from cash flow from the assets they had saved during their working lives. During their regular reviews, we review all sources of income as well as spending habits to increase the likelihood that the recommended plan is working for them. We will revise it as necessary.


Investment Management

We consolidated portfolio assets from different accounts and reviewed and revised some of the holdings to better meet their goals. Given the couple’s age, we selected a portfolio slightly tilted towards bonds, but still take advantage of growth in the equity market. We will also rebalance the accounts regularly as market conditions dictate.


Wealth Transfer

We worked with the couple’s estate attorney to confirm that the accounts were titled correctly and reflected the appropriate primary and contingent beneficiaries.

Wealth Protection

We performed a comprehensive review of their insurance policies and recommended changes as necessary.

Charitable Giving

Since they will have more time, the couple is interested in volunteering more hours while also financially supporting the charities they support. In addition to funding charitable contributions through a Donor Advised Fund, the clients are planning on using Qualified Charitable Distributions from their IRAs once they are 70 1/2 to support the causes important to them.


Client profiles are hypothetical and presented for illustrative purposes only. Ullmann Wealth Partners does not know whether its clients approve or disapprove of its services.

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