Divorce Advisory Group

Client Objective:

After the end of a twenty-year marriage, our client came to us via our Divorce Advisory Group and was looking forward to starting a “new life” but was anxious when it came to managing her finances, now and into the future. For stability purposes, it was important for her to stay in her existing home with her four children as well as prepare for some upcoming home improvement projects. We worked collaboratively with her to establish a budget to stay in the house as well as plan for the home renovations. We also worked with her to plan for upcoming college expenses, annual trips, and the ability to give to her favorite charities each holiday season. 

Our Advice:

Investment Management

Given the client’s goals, we built and recommended a diversified portfolio that would provide her with the returns she needed to accomplish her short and long-term financial goals.


Future Income

Combined with alimony payments, we helped her model what her income would be from all sources, as well as establish an emergency savings reservoir.


Education Planning

We helped her model education expenses for each child and checked that 529 plans were being appropriately funded to help cover the expenses of college.

Charitable Giving

We guided her in opening and funding a Donor Advised Fund so that giving to charity each year would be incorporated into her long-term wealth management plan.

Wealth Protection

We helped her confirm that appropriate homeowner and auto insurance policies were in place and suggested an umbrella policy as well. We recommended a permanent life insurance policy with a chronic care rider.


Wealth Enhancement

During client meetings, we review her Financial Progress Report® to see if she is on track to meet her goals and recommend any adjustments to her plan. We also review her tax returns with her on an annual basis,


Wealth Transfer

We work in tandem with her estate attorney to confirm that her will, living will, and power of attorney are updated and stay current.

Client profiles are hypothetical and presented for illustrative purposes only. Ullmann Wealth Partners does not know whether its clients approve or disapprove of its services. 

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