Ullmann Wealth Partners' Helping Hands

Ullmann Wealth Partners' Helping Hands

November 29, 2022

December is the Month of Giving and it revolves around people making the world a better place by giving and spreading joy. Why is it such a popular month for giving? Many would say it is because of the year-end tax benefits, but we also believe it is because the holidays bring out the giver in all of us!

Giving back to the community in which we work and live has been part of our firm's mission since the company was founded in 2002. Every year, Ullmann Wealth Partners makes a pledge to support local nonprofits. Some of the organizations the firm has supported in 2022 include the Jacksonville School for Autism, The Arc-Jacksonville, BEAM, The Beaches Community Fund, and the USO.

While financial support is always appreciated by nonprofits, most organizations could not accomplish their respective missions without the help of volunteers. Volunteers often keep the doors open and allow nonprofits to deliver imperative programs and services. During this Month of Giving, we thought it would be a good time to highlight some of the philanthropic work our team members do, not only in December, but throughout the year. When they are not in the office, you may find them serving as helping hands with the following community organizations:

Beth Caudell, Operations Manager
Community Hospice and Palliative Care

“As a volunteer, I visit with patients. I chose to work with this organization because sometimes our illnesses can define us, become the focus and subject of all of those around us. I enjoy listening and putting the focus on the person and who they are, what they enjoy talking about. It’s a great feeling to smile or laugh with them and hear their stories. I continue to volunteer there for the opportunity to be invited into the lives of those that simply enjoy the connection.”

Brian James, Managing Partner & Director of Investments
BEAM (Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry), Literacy Alliance of NE Florida

 “Each month, I send a box of fresh produce from Local Fare Jax to help stock BEAM’s food bank. Nutrition and wellness are really important to me, and my family has enjoyed these deliveries for the last several years. We thought that some less fortunate members of our community might also like the awesome produce from Local Fare Jax. During COVID, my wife, Molly, taught exercise classes in our driveway. Class participants made donations that also went to support BEAM’s programs. I also serve on the board of the Literacy Alliance of NE Florida.”

Mclain Johnson, Financial Planning Associate
First Tee

“I work as an assistant coach for kids who want to learn how to play golf. We also focus on life skills such as sportsmanship, managing emotions, and manners (to name a few). I chose to volunteer with First Tee because I wanted to find a way to get involved in the community while focusing on something I already enjoy (golf). I really enjoy interacting with the students and coaches and spending time on a golf course after work.”


Pat Kilbane, Partner & Chief Legal Counsel, Director of Divorce Advisory Group
Diocese of St. Augustine, Ascension St Vincent’s Hospital Foundation Board

“I serve as a Trustee of the Diocese of St. Augustine Savings & Loan and am a member of the Ascension St. Vincent’s Hospital Foundation Board. Both organizations are near and dear to me. I am a product of Catholic schooling, and the capital campaigns run through the Diocese help ensure a good education is available for those who may not be able to afford it. St. Vincent’s Hospital Foundation Board helps ensure access to quality healthcare for the poor. Education and healthcare are both rights that I believe should be available to all.”

Carrie King, Partner, Chief Compliance Officer, & Director of Trading
Community Foundation of NE Florida

“I am a volunteer board member of the Community Foundations LGBTQ’s fund. The reason I chose to volunteer is because I love giving back to the community and helping give grant dollars to organizations that promote LGBTQ initiatives. My fellow board members and the testimonials we receive from grant recipients motivates me to stay involved with the fund.”


Francie Peters, Marketing and Communications Manager
BEAM (Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry)

“For the last five years, I have been a board member of BEAM, and have chaired the Development committee for the past two years. This experience has allowed me to see firsthand the ways that BEAM helps the less fortunate in the beaches community. I really enjoy seeing the programs in action. From Back to School with BEAM, to food distribution and rent assistance, I am proud of BEAM and its wonderful volunteers that help run their programs. As an aside, when my dad was in his nineties, he regularly volunteered at a food pantry, so I think this type of volunteer work is in my genes!”


Glenn Ullmann, Managing Partner & President
Art with a Heart in Healthcare, Communities in Schools

“My wife, Lisa, cofounded Art with a Heart in 2001. The program allows young patients in area hospitals the opportunity to create personalized fine art to enhance the healing process. During COVID, we purchased iPads for the program so the kids could continue to do art bedside. We are also actively involved with Communities in Schools, by helping them with a matching grant to encourage at risk youth to stay in school and achieve in life.”

If you have any questions about getting involved with any of the above organizations, please let us know.