A customized and collaborative approach to wealth management.


Successful financial outcomes come from having a disciplined plan and using a team of competent advisors who understand investment goals, cash flow needs, the need to keep solutions simple, and remain optimistic when others get bogged down with the near term noise and pessimism of the moment.

At Ullmann Wealth Partners, we have thought long and hard both about the planning process and wealth management. We have created a customized, comprehensive and systematic process to identify a client’s strengths, concerns, and opportunities for the future, and then build an investment plan to follow going forward. We focus on tax mitigation and increasing cash flow throughout the process to preserve and enhance the wealth you have created.

Once the plan is completed and assets are allocated and invested, we then implement our system of modifying, rebalancing, and reviewing progress towards our clients’ annual and multi-year goals as governed by their plans.


Beholden to No One - Except You

Our desire is to help you achieve and maintain financial independence and confidence with an investment philosophy built on proven principles. Recommendations are constructed on rational analysis, not the emotion or group think often sparked by trends, booms, and rushes. Our open-architecture platform means we are independent thinkers, never influenced by the product preferences of a single investment firm.

Instead, we draw upon vast, unbiased resources to build a diverse portfolio and asset mix that is just right for you—one that will be rebalanced systematically to meet the changes and challenges that may come down the road.


The 360° Financial Discipline Process  

Our process is customized yet systematic to help you achieve overall financial health. To learn what happens during each step of our process, hover over the different sections in the diagram below.

The Focal Point Interview

The Life Map interview gives your financial advisory team a 360° view of who you are and what your ultimate objective are by delving deeply into your values and goals, risk tolerance, credit needs, liquidity, family and estate matters, and service preferences. We also get to know you personally and begin building a genuine relationship.

Life Map Presentation/Investment Overview

Your team will present your Life Map and a high level investment overview, which will include a recommended balance of the appropriate mix of assets based ony our goals, risk exposure, and return requirements. We will also identify gaps in your plan and how we can help remediate them.

Mutual Commitment

We review our investment policy, communication, and service plans to ensure that they are aligned with your expectations. Each meeting in the process is designed to identify and address needs and build a long-lasting, trust-based relationship.

The Advanced Plan

We will present a comprehensive financial and life empowerment wealth management program. The Advanced Plan, which incorporates expertise from tax, estate, insurance professionals, and personal bankers, will also be discussed.

The Life Plan Engagement

Implementation begins with a review of the capabilities and services involved and the outline of specific action steps to ensure a common understanding and consistent execution on the part of your Ullmann Wealth Partners team.

The Financial Progress Report

Your team actively manages your plan and regularly revisits your goals, requirements, and personal circumstances, measuring milestones, and annual targets. They then proactively address your evolving needs and recommend new ideas to add value.